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[email protected] Interview

Quick Interview with Cathy Wassell

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m a Lead Generation Strategist helping businesses building a pipeline of clients and specialising in Facebook Ads and LinkedIn. Socially Contented is my digital agency where my associate team handle organic and paid social media.
“Know your target audience.” Cathy Wassell

What’s the story behind your success?

Socially Contented is about an authentic, honest, no-nonsense, successful relationship with our clients and some really solid Facebook Ads knowledge.

What’s been your life’s biggest lesson so far?

That there are always options, and that failure is not the end it’s just the beginning – we need to fail in order to learn how to make things work better. Running your own business makes it more possible to escape the dual guilt of not fulfilling both parental and career goals. It’s hard work but there’s not many things more rewarding.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Do all this much earlier! It took me until my 40s to escape the corporate world and have the freedom of fitting my work around my life rather than the other way round,

What three tools makes your business run better?

Three tools: ActiveCampaign, ContentCal and Slack.    

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