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Every business starts with a thought, that leads to an action, that leads to a mission. Discover the story behind one of the amazing founders that took the leap of faith and made it all happen!
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Quick Interview with Anthea Morris

Who are you and what do you do?

Better2Know is the world’s leading provider of sexual health testing services. Our service provides quick access to appointments, a comprehensive range of tests, confidential and anonymous appointments and fast results. 

If you do test positive, we will help you get the treatment and support that you need. We now serve 20 countries around the world from our head office in Lancashire and a second office in Cape Town.

I qualified as an Accountant, and worked in the private, public and charitable sectors before founding Better2Know.

“Don’t think that one person is always right or wrong, get multiple views.” Anthea Morris

What’s the story behind your success?

I am a co-founder of the business, along with my partner Michael Asher. Michael and I set up Better2Know, as we wanted a better way to get a sexual health test. 

Over 500,000 people get tested for an STI every month in the UK. We thought this was a sizeable market that could be disrupted with a new innovative service.

Michael and I worked together for four years before we founded Better2Know. Working with someone helps to make better decisions, and brings more skills than if it was just one of you. We have found that it has helped to grow Better2Know.

What’s been your life’s biggest lesson so far?

As an SME, you have to keep on innovating. At first, we wanted to change the way sexual health was delivered by providing a confidential service with really fast results. We have now expanded that to include eight different instant STI tests: get your results while you wait, and our Everywhere service, where if you cannot get to a clinic, we will send a nurse to you.

New entrants have come into the market, and as the market leader, we set the direction, and provide an excellent service to stay as the top.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Don’t think “I don’t do sales”. As an accountant, I thought that was my function in the business.

Everyone does sales, whether you are selling your own skills and experience at interview, building relationships with people or selling your products in person or online, everyone should learn how to sell.

What three tools makes your business run better?

1 Cake – both the php language we develop in, and the food stuff make the company go round. Simple things like £10 for cake on Friday if you beat last weeks sales make a big difference

2 IP phones – they plug and play anywhere over the world so we can take patient calls anywhere

3 The Better2Know Team – making sure we recruit people who fit with our values and eth

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