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Every business starts with a thought, that leads to an action, that leads to a mission. Discover the story behind one of the amazing founders that took the leap of faith and made it all happen!
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Quick Interview with Dave Hannam

Who are you and what do you do?

I am the co-founder of SharesInside. We aim to help companies build trust with investors through effective communication.

“Every failure is just one more step closer to success.” Dave Hannam

What’s the story behind your success?

Being a network thinker helps me to apply my experience and skills from working in 4 countries to addressing specific tasks. This in combination with a strong team and company culture as a priority for SharesInside, has contributed largely to our success.

What’s been your life’s biggest lesson so far?

Stories you hear, such as Apple was started in a garage are true. You can start a company in a garage or on a kitchen table and within a few years have a multinational company running. Just believe in yourself and your idea and don’t give up. It is entirely possible.

How would you describe yourself and why?

I would describe myself as an innovator, because I have always enjoyed finding new ways to do a task. “that’s how it has always been done” are the most challenging words one could say to me.

What three tools makes your business run better?

Mobile phone, Cloud servers and video calls make my business run better and would be impossible to live without.

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