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[email protected] Interview

Quick Interview with LaTayvia Brown

Hi, can you tell us who are you and about your business?

I am LaTayvia Brown, and I am the founder and visionary at Professionally Inspired, LLC . Professionally Inspired LLC is a consulting business that partners with non-profit, high school and faith-based organizations to prepare the upcoming generation for their future lives. As a well-known motivational speaker, I pride myself on providing resources to youth and young adults in order to positively impact their lives. We created the self-affirmation campaign poster, “You Were Created to Lead.” in order to reinforce our ideas and mission as a core principle of what I believe. Our mission is to empower and teach the next generation tools to successfully move into college and lifelong careers. The aim is to make their dreams a reality, by changing mindsets and motivating others around them.
“Don’ let fear hold back your dreams” LaTayvia Brown

Very inspirational, what’s the story behind Professionally Inspired LLC ?

I was the girl who was raised in a low-income neighborhood in New York City. Being the first in my family to receive a Bachelors Degree I beat statics. This motivated me to turn my dreams a reality in spite of my circumstances. By putting my faith in God, eliminating fear and being passionate about helping more low-income kids be a first-generation graduate, I begin Professionally Inspired, LLC

Amazing story, what’s been your life’s biggest lesson so far?

Stop making excuses and create my own destiny.

Tell us three advice tips a startup should know?

1. Take training and be open to learn. 2. Earn while you build. 3. Be a solution to a problem

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Don’ let fear hold back your dreams, be open to learn and ask for help.

Great insight, lastly what strategies do you use which makes your business run better?

Strategic planning. Delegating the right team. Keeping track and managing data.    

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