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[email protected] Interview

Quick Interview with Natalie Trice

Hi, can you tell us who are you and about your business?

I am Natalie Trice, and I am the founder at PR School, where I work with a range of clients to help them understand PR and use it in their businesses, so they shine. I have worked in PR for over 23 years, for big international companies, but believe everyone can use PR to shine and that is what I bring to the table.

Great, so PR School helps to empower all businesses to be better at PR, how did you get started?

Words and stories are my passion and they both are at the heart of PR School together with creativity, enthusiasm and success. As an articulate, dynamic writer and senior PR consultant, I have extensive experience in the B2B, broadcast, charity, consumer, corporate and lifestyle sectors. After teaching English in Japan, I forged a successful PR career in London working on local, regional, UK, EMEA and global levels, managing Pan European teams, mentoring staff and exceeding board level expectations time and again. From media parties on Red Square to animal antics at London Zoo, I worked my creative magic for Adobe, Animal Planet, Cartoon Network, Discovery Channel, Epson and Hewlett-Packard and many, many more organisations. With a first-class portfolio, strategic skills under my belt and an impressive contact book on my desk, I became an independent consultant in 2007 and have never looked back.

It’s been said that PR is an essential part of any business, what’s the main strategy you do to keep your clients ahead?

I like to plan, get feedback from my clients, and potential clients, and then think about how I can help them to move ahead.

From the experiences you’ve gained working with the numerous businesses, what advice would you give to yourself if you were starting again?

Believe in yourself! Know your worth. Say yes and learn. Always buy the shoes!

‘Always buy the shoes’ Great advice. We know that starting a business has it challenges as well as it’s successes. What’s been your life’s biggest lesson so far?

My second son was diagnosed with hip dysplasia when he was three months old and having to navigate a chronic condition with two small children taught me that you are stronger than you know! and that love rules x
“Find something you love, because if work is enjoyable, you will want to do it” Natalie Trice

Thank you for sharing, that was really inspirational and really good advice. What advice tips do you think every founder should know?

Believe in youself. Do your research. Find something you love, because if work is enjoyable, you will want to do it.

Very insightful advice. Lastly with all the clients you have how do you keep everything running smoothly?

I have two Virtual Assistants who are amazing and my office dog, Dotty the News Hound, who makes me take breaks to walk her. I have a laptop, desktop, ipad and phone that are synced and an accountnt.    

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