Uber, Lyft and DoorDash pause services in cities with curfews due to protests

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Ride-sharing and food delivery service apps are suspending operations in some cities across the nation in order to comply with curfew orders.

At least 40 cities and Washington, D.C., have imposed curfews in the wake of protests that began last week—and intensified over the weekend—following the killing of George Floyd at the hands of Minnesota police.

In compliance with city orders, Uber suspended services in Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco and parts of Minneapolis during curfew hours, the company told CNBC.

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi tweeted Sunday that the company would donate $1 million to the Equal Justice Initiative and Policing Equity “to support their important work in making criminal justice in America more just for all.”

Similarly, Lyft confirmed to U.S. Today that it is following local guidance “when relevant.”

And Monday, co-founders Logan Green and John Zimmer said in a statement: “As part of our continued commitment to communities of color through LyftUp, our transportation access initiative, we’re providing $500,000 in ride credit to national civil rights organizations who have been working to facilitate essential transportation and equitable access during the recent crises.”

For its part, the food-delivery service DoorDash also confirmed that it is “abiding by curfews and guidance from local government across the country, and pausing operations.”

The company tweeted Sunday: “We cannot be silent or still in the face of injustice, racism, and murder. Words matter. And so do actions. We are committing ourselves to take action to support our local black communities and black-owned businesses.”

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