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Here’s the most important thing you need to know: we’re more than just a startup platform.

We help businesses to realise their full growth potential, and we’re invested in their success.

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👋 Startup Platform for Startups.

Buildily is a Business Support Platform.


Our platform empowers individuals and entrepreneurs with everything they need to easily start, build or grow a business or brand and make their impact on the world. We enable founders and entrepreneurs with the resources, tools, services and support they need to change their career or turn an idea into a business


With the support of business experts and global leading companies our mission is to help more entrepreneurs globally to succeed and share their stories to inspire others to make a change.

Since 2018

Buildily was founded by Elemi Atigolo, supported by global partners from leading companies like Google, Amazon, IBM and Stripe.

Expert Team

We’re super proud of our diverse and talented team. An experienced team from business, investment, education and technology.

Global community 

We work with hundreds of startups & businesses from all across the world, from ideas to MVP to raising your seed and beyond.

“Our team is driven by your success. Every single day, we’ll support your business and help you to succeed.”

Our Mission

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs overcome critical obstacles that often come up within a startup’s lifecycle through our team and network of experienced entrepreneurs, founders and advisors giving them access to the knowledge, tools and services they need.


Our Values

Buildily was created to improve lives and help support entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground. With this intent, Buildily’s mission is to support the organisation Lendwithcare an initiative of poverty-fighting charity, CARE International.
Lendwithcare, is a revolutionary CARE International initiative to help some of the world’s poorest people work their way out of poverty with dignity.
Lendwithcare makes micro-credit loans to entrepreneurs in 10 countries to start up and build their own businesses.
We are on a mission to make a difference to help other entrepreneurs in less fortunate environments to start their own small businesses.


Our Values

It has been said that startups and small businesses are the ‘lifeblood’ of our economy’. These agile startups and small businesses create jobs faster and in larger numbers than any other kind of organisation and are the very fabric of our community.
However support for these young start-ups and fast-growing scale-ups continues to remain a challenge, so we at Buildily are on a mission to combat this challenge.
With an increasing number of people turning to self-employment and the creation of their own business and jobs for others, we view helping startups and small businesses as extremely important in order to continue the economic longevity of countries around the world.


Our Values

Whether small or large many businesses are rightly concerned about their carbon emissions and want to make sure they can meet their environmental commitments.
Our aim is to help build businesses easily for the digital age with tools and services which help them to increase ways to reduce their carbon footprint.
Our ethos is to introduce and encourage startups and businesses to utilise everything from cloud computing, digital communication, to going paperless and creating environmentally friendly working environments through shared and co-working spaces, all in the effort to reduce the carbon footprint.